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    Pre-Listing Inspections

    A Pre-listing inspection is a point of benefit for the seller. Getting a pre-listing inspection makes the seller aware of any potential and underlying defects before listing their property for sale. There are always possibilities that the buyer may initiate a pre-purchase inspection. A pre-listing inspection report from an InterNACHI certified inspector may reduce the chances of re-negotiations. After being presented with a pre-listing inspection report, a buyer may altogether waise off pre-purchase inspections. This report can also be used as a marketing tool by the seller.

    There are various other benefits of getting a pre-listing report from us. As trained inspectors from InterNACHI, we will inspect the interiors, as well as, the exteriors of the house which includes all the visible components such as the walls, the plumbing, the air conditioning system, the floors, the windows and doors and more. We give special attention to the roof while doing pre-listing inspection and look thoroughly for any leaks, cracks and any sort of damage on the roof. All our pre-listing inspections include our ‘5-Year roof inspection plan’ which can be transferred to the buyer.

    Sell Your Home with Transparency

    Being transparent about your house’s condition with the buyer is the best way to gain trust. A pre-listing inspection report from an InterNACHI trained home inspector is sure to come in handy when it comes to trust building. Before investing their life-long savings, a buyer is sure to initiate a pre-purchase home inspection. It is always good to make the buyer aware of the defects, the underlying defects and all the potential defects from the seller’s end. It helps the buyers to make an informed decision and make the purchase with confidence. It is not necessary if even the seller would be aware of all the points of concerns that his/her property has and hence, getting a pre-listing inspection before listing the house in the real estate market is a major plus point for the seller.

    Pre-listing ensures hassle-free negotiation with the buyer and also helps the seller in pricing the property more accurately. The seller will be able to make any repairs before listing the property in the market thereby making him/her, or the broker more trustworthy and reliable.

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